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The journal:  :58-2:28

Before the journal there were a few questions Whoop asked you each morning, non customizable, the same everyday.


Now we have a customizable journal that lets you track a ton of different behaviors, the time at which you participated in them, and when applicable how much or how many times.


It also includes a note space at the end of the journal that you can write down anything!


If you have specific questions about the journal, drop them below. Also, check out more about the journal on podcast 64 linked here:

The Journal:


Respiratory rate: 2:28-4:00

This is a crazy one! Due to what’s going on in the world, Whoop decided to fast track this update. Respiratory rate is the amount of breathes you take per minute.


It may be the most important metric to track with the growing concerns of Covid-19.


Many have asked how respiratory rate is tracked with a wrist wearable.


When we inhale our heart rate increases and when we exhale is decreases. Im over simplifying here but with the heart data, we can see these changes and track the RP.


Read more about it here:


Respiratory rate - this is currently a hot topic in the news and the health and wellness industry with everything going on -


Team feature: 5:00 -6:04

I use the team feature more for spying on my athletes habits. Before quarantine I would check my athletes sleep and recovery daily, when they walked into the gym on a red day I would already have a recovery day planned for them. They would try and hide so they could still do the class workout, but I knew they needed to chill and give their body some rest.


Since I don’t see these everyday anymore I will typically check up on athletes with low back-to-back scores, or when I see they haven’t been sleeping much.


Check out more about the team feature here: Team feature -

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