Why do you want it?

Why do you want it?

I talk about consistency a lot. I talk about staying focused, keeping your eye on the goal, learning to say no more than you say yes.

But here’s the deal- without knowing WHY you are doing these things; I might as well tell you to go sailing in the desert- it won’t make any sense.

Why? Because YOUR why- the reason you’ve decided you want to lose weight, get in shape, or make changes to your health, must be strong enough to navigate when things get tough.

Your why must be so deeply connected to who you are that you have the strength to say no to the snacks at a party, or to stay consistent when traveling or when life gets crazy.

Your WHY must be powerful enough to choose to center your whole life around it. If it isn’t very strong then when shit hits the fan you’re going to give up (or you’re going to make a halfhearted attempt and potentially fail).

I’ve found most people try to lose weight and get in shape for the wrong reasons- so they set themselves up for failure before they even start.

You don’t really care THAT deeply about looking better in your clothes- you care about being accepted, feeling good about yourself, and having confidence.

You don’t really care that much about “getting in shape” you care about not being winded when you walk up a flight of stairs or feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Go deep into your thought patterns when it comes to your health. Look at your current habits and then look at what you’ve been trying to change. Be HONEST with yourself when it comes to where you are and where you want to go.

Now, find the REAL why behind all of this. Find a WHY so strong that nothing can stop your goals- OR stop running in circles until you FIND that reason (and I don’t mean saying f* it- I just mean stop dieting and find some balance until you ARE ready to do it for real).

One of the things that leaves me so frustrated as a Nutrition Coach is working with someone who is only half committed.

My time is as valuable as yours- and I truly put my heart and soul into my clients successes. I feel the failure of not reaching your goals as much as you do- especially when on paper we should not have ended up here.

But then I find out about the “not tracking everything” or the “cheat” meals, or the skipped workouts, and its like “no duh we didn’t get there”. And its OKAY it didn’t happen- but rather than start something you don’t want to finish, why not consider finding out WHY you want these goals, then see if they truly mean something to you?

Sit down and write out a list of all the reasons that come to mind as to why you think you want this.

Then look at them, mull them over, and see them from every angle. Ask yourself if they really matter to you, or if you feel like you are supposed to want them because society, your family, etc told you they are important.

Ask yourself how life will be different when you have them. Ask yourself who you will be when you achieve them. Ask yourself if you’re AFRAID to have them. Keep working at it. Spend a few hours, even a few days, doing some soul searching.

Find the AUTHENTIC why that resonates with who you are. Then we can create a plan to get you to your goals.

This WHY must be powerful enough to help you overcome when you get stuck, or to even get the ball rolling. This WHY must have the power to overcome your current habits, help you stay on track, and keep you from falling off the wagon.

Find THIS reason for your desire to change- then creating a plan and sticking to it becomes way more doable.

You’ve got this- you just need to know WHY you actually want it.

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