Weekly Fight and VETWOD

Weekly Fight and VETWOD

Friends of roloathletics are doing big things! We wanted to make sure you guys new about it! Register today!

The Weekly Fight and VETWOD are teaming up to host an online competition called Strength Through Struggle March 16th - March 29th. With divisions of RX or Scaled for M/M, F/F, and M/F, teams will submit scores and videos for one workout per week for 2 weeks.  The top podium teams will take home prizes from sponsors including MadFittter, Born Primitive, Ascent Protein, GoWOD, Element 26, Vigorous Apparel and more. Register at here.

As a 501-c3 nonprofit, The Weekly Fight uses Crossfit and fitness communities to help turn Post Traumatic Stress into Post Traumatic Growth. Weekly workouts are offered at partner gyms, free to veterans, first responders and law enforcement officials and their family members. The workouts are scalable to all abilities and are meant to build community rather than any PRs. The Weekly Fight uses the donated funds to fuel 3 funds: A Crisis Management Fund to help veteran families in needs, a Scholarship Fund which awards continuing education scholarships to applicants affected by PTS in the household, and Educational Outreach for the general public on PTS. Visit us at www.theweeklyfight.org, facebook,  @theweeklyfight

VETWOD is also a nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans and first responders battle PTSD, suicide and other mental health issues, through physical activity and community. Our mission is to provide an avenue for our warriors and allies to cope with the unseen (invisible) scars from their previous and continued service, through exercise and a strong support system. We recognize that these mental and physical scars are valid, wherever the wounds occurred - whether in-service on foreign soil or during daily service at home. We believe that combining fitness and community provides solidarity, clarity, purpose and joy. VETWOD provides gym memberships, gym equipment, competitions and challenges, as well as financial assistance to those in need. Visit us on Instagram at @VetWOD


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