Turkish Get Up Exercise Video |  7 Efficiency Tips

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Turkish Get Up Exercise Video | 7 Efficiency Tips

The Turkish get up is an amazing exercise with numerous benefits, hence why I believe everyone should incorporate it into their training! Today I’m bringing you a Turkish get up exercise video to help you move efficiently and optimally to maximize your results! These are 7 tips I provide for my athletes constantly! If you take only one tip from this video, it can make a significant difference!

  1. (1:31) Keep your wrist straight
  2. (1:57) Look up at the weight
  3. (2:24) Keep the elbow locked out
  4. (2:51) Supporting hands at a 45 degree angle
  5. (3:12) Roll to your shoulder
  6. (3:50) Sweep the leg to a lunge
  7. (4:33) Placing the supporting hand to the side
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