Top 5 things I should have done as an athlete!

Top 5 things I should have done as an athlete!

If you're doing these, you are costing yourself money! 

Let's be honest, we all do things we are not proud of. Sometimes these things can be pretty costly! Lucky for you, I have already spent $15,000 on how NOT to do things. Let me share them with you so you can go ahead and save your money.

1. Fast = Good

When I started my fitness journey I RUSHED through everything. Air squats are cool but I wanted to do Muscle ups. Snatching 95lbs is cool, but I wanted to PR everyday!
Stretching is boring, I'd rather go workout more.
I was in such a hurry to get better that I actually got worse.
I started injuring myself.
It started with some pain, and lead to nagging pain ALL the time.
I could have avoided 90% of my injuries if I slowed down and focused on movement. (The other 10% were random accidents.)
My lesson to you: Do not be tempted by all the cool stuff. Instead fall in love with the basics. When you have mastered that, you will perform well in the cool stuff and be less susceptible to injury.

2. Eating healthy is cool

Most people might not believe me but I HATE eating. It is a chore. I do not enjoy it and its so boring.
Well guess what I used to do?
I would drink so much caffeine and drink protein shakes all day. If I did find time to eat, It would usually be unhealthy snacks, junk food, or more caffeine to curb my hunger.
This means I would get sick ALL OF THE TIME. I remember being sick at least once every two months.
That is ridiculous to think about now.
Eating good food will not only help your immune system but help you build muscle. That means better performance as well.
Oh and less trips to the doctor.

3. Accessory work = gains

I thought that I had to do Crossfit style workouts for everything.
Wanted to workout chest?
Cool I'll do 21-15-9 bench press, dips, and run 400 meters in between.
You DO NOT need to do everything with high intensity. You need to do tempo work!
Work on weak spots. 
This will make you a far better athlete than anything else. Focus on accessory work! Do NOT go through the motions.

4. Blinders on!

It is fine to cheer on your friends and watch high level athletes on social media.
It is NOT okay top compare yourself with ANYONE!
This is the most toxic thing I see with social media.
Do NOT discredit your progress.
Stop giving a shit about Martha and her 405lbs back-squat.
Focus on YOU!
I would see other people do stuff online, I would get anxious that I needed to do it too.
I would go into the gym and sometimes hurt myself trying to one up them, or do a workout they were doing.
It helps NO ONE!
Again, Focus on YOU!

5. Hire a coach

I am coach, I coach hundreds of athletes. I have a coach.
Everyone should have a coach.
It is too hard to see what needs to be done on your own. Someone there to keep you accountable is so valuable.
I have injured myself trying to do my own thing so many times. Why?
I was not seeing the glaring weaknesses staring me in the face.
They saw it immediately and it is something we work on CONSTANTLY.


Slow down! Move with purpose and focus on the basics.

Stop eating like shit.

Do your accessory work if you want to see huge improvements.

Focus on yourself.

Get a coach.

*If you do these things you will SAVE money in the long run. It is always easier to keep up than catch up. Stop falling behind. Stop failing. Stop making excuses.

SLOW THE FUCK DOWN! You are doing fine.

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