Top 5 productivity tips!

Top 5 productivity tips!

The secret is simple!

 *The secret work:ratio is at the bottom of this blog post*

We can all agree that when the ball gets rolling on productivity it doesn't seem to stop. Sometimes all it takes is some inspiration and now your entire life is organized in one day!

The best part is ending the day and looking back on the tasks you finally took off your plate. What if you could feel like this everyday?

(Whats funny is that most of your tasks causing you stress will take you less than half the time you anticipate they will.)

What is frustrating about being productive is it seems to happen every once in awhile and other days you spend hours trying to recreate it and fail.

I am going to share with you my sure fire ways to be and stay productive. I used this exact same method when I was working a full-time job, going to school full-time, worked out about 4 hours a day, and had a girlfriend who lived an hour away from me. (she's my wife now)

*And yes, I use these methods today!

*I'm using them right now!

The secrets to productivity:

1. Before bed every night write down your MUST-do list. Not a to-do list. A MUST-do list.

This is the absolute most important tasks you need to get done. Also be sure to put them in order of importance or time. Once these tasks are completed you are "done" for the day. Let's be honest because you're on a roll from these you'll probably be motivated to get some more stuff done but if not, spend the rest of the day relaxing or spending time with loved ones.

2. Put all distractions away, turn all notifications off, find your productivity zone.

This seems like a no brainer but I see people trying to focus with their phone going off, checking notifications every 2 minutes, trying to do 3 different things, STOP it! Just because you can do something does not mean you should. FOCUS people! One task at a time. You will perform much better and more efficiently when working on 1 thing at time.

*Scroll the bottom to see my secret work:rest ratio to enhance productivity!

3. DO NOT sit-down or stop.

It might very tempting to slow down once you get going but whatever you do, do not stop moving. The second you relax or let off the gas it's over. The toughest thing to do is stop and go. Move from one task to the next.

4. Stop over booking yourself.

Learning to say NO is going to be very challenging for some. If you have a hefty MUST-do list and you know you will need all day, DO NOT say yes to meeting up with friends/family. If you finish your MUST-do list then absolutely reach out and go hang, but we are trying to focus on the tasks you need to get done. Don't save them for tomorrow.

*Plan another day to hang with that person when it's reasonable for both of you.

5. Stop skipping meals!

Your body can only run so long off of coffee or tea. You need to make sure you're eating and drinking water. You will notice a significant drop off of brain power if you go too long without calories. Your brain needs those calories to perform.

Bonus (Optional): Drink some caffeine

I love me so artificial energy. While high doses of caffeine can make you feel anxious and make it hard to focus, just the right amount will help you laser focus and crush your MUST-do list. This one is optional and do not overdue it! 

Secret Work:Rest ratio is what helps me stay on task:

I have taught this work:rest ratio to a lot of friends who tell me that it is a game changer. I cannot remember who taught it to me but literally has helped me get through college, start a business, and get through really boring/tough tasks without getting overwhelmed.

The work:rest ratio:

You need a timer and thats it!

Start your timer for 15 min.

The next 15 min of your work is uninterrupted. You focus on NOTHING else except that task. No getting out of your chair, no eating, no phone. NOTHING!

Once your timer goes off, set your timer for 5 min.

This 5 min is spent doing ANYTHING you want. Instagram, eating, bathroom break, staring into nothingness.

After that 5 min you set another timer for 15 min. and back to work!

You will repeat this until you get to your 4th rest period which will be a 20 min rest period. It looks like this:

  • 15 min Work
  • 5 min Rest
  • 15 min Work
  • 5 min Rest
  • 15 min Work
  • 5 min Rest
  • 15 min Work
  • 20 min Rest

Most of the time whatever task I was working on is completed by the time this cycle is up. If not, after the 20 min rest, you repeat.

I guarantee that you will get lost in your work and almost every time want to continue working after the 15 min work timer goes off. If so, continue to work until you need that 5 min rest.

Now that you have the secret to productivity go out there and try it out! If it benefits you, please share it with a friend!


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