The CrossFit Workout At Home With Dumbbells DESTROYED Me!

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The CrossFit Workout At Home With Dumbbells DESTROYED Me!


You don’t need a lot to get in an awesome CrossFit workout at home! In this video we go over a warm up and workout that only requires a pair of dumbbells, or just one if that's all you have. Today’s CrossFit dumbbell WOD focused on core and upper body; mostly targeting the triceps and shoulders. I give some of my tips and strategy on how to approach this workout down below. Also, if you want to see more at home workouts with dumbbells, check my link down there as well!

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|Warm up|
   3 Rounds
10 Lunge to high knee (e/s)
10 Plank up downs
30 Bodyweight Russian twists

|CrossFit Workout For The Day|
Alternating push press
Plank hip rotations (each side)

|CrossFit Workout SCALED|
Regular push press (or single arm, 15 one side then switch)
Mountain climbers (each side)
Knee push up

Ideal time completed: 14-20 Minutes
Weight: Men - 30-50lbs | Women - 15-40lbs (be able to perform at least 10 at a time)
Intensity level: 70-80% of max heart rate (Only need to take tiny breaks during the workout)

|Tips & Strategy|
Your shoulders are going to be toast during this workout, especially if you come out too hot! Try to go unbroken on the push press if you can, break up the hip rotations as needed, and try to pace the burpees so you can keep your breathing under control! If you need to take a second to catch your breath or give your shoulders a break, try to do so during the transition from one exercise to the next versus right in the middle of a set.

Use as much hips as possible on the push press! If you take a really shallow dip and don’t maximize the power you can produce from your lower body, your shoulders will be working overtime. Drive out of the dip fast and lock out the elbow quickly. The plank hip rotations tax the obliques hard. It’s ok to take really tiny breaks here to ensure you focus on keeping your core engaged and not letting your back take over. When it comes to the burpees, you’ll never fail a burpee! Slow is fast during burpees which means that if you just chip away and don’t let yourself stop, you’ll get them done quickly. Don’t be the person that does 5 really fast reps, then puts their hands on their knees for a few seconds… then does another 5… rest… and so on.

Leave any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you right away. Thanks for watching!


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