Technique Tips | 6 toes to bar efficiency tips | CrossFit®

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Technique Tips | 6 toes to bar efficiency tips | CrossFit®


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Toes to bar not only require a fair amount of core strength, but technique will determine how consistent and you are when having to perform high repetitions. Even though this bar exercise looks pretty straight forward, we're going to go over 6 tips to help you perform toes to bar as efficiently as possible.


#1 Having a tight kip

The kip is crucial for generating power. If you lack a solid kip, you will be fatiguing your core so much faster. Focus on having a long and tight hollow + arch position as shown in the video.


#2 Bend at the hip

When people first learn toes to bar, usually they bend at the knees because it makes the movement a lot easier. The only problem now is that we are breaking the kip and creating a lot less power from the hip. Bending the knee isn't bad, but the longer you keep your legs the less core strength will be used to get your lower body towards the bar.


#3 Using your lats The

lats are what helps you create the kip swing. When you are in the arch position keep your elbows straight so you get a stretch in the lats. Then, once you start going towards the hollow position pull down on the bar and feel your lats fire to help you raise your lower body. If done correctly, once you've done the toes to bar, your torso will be behind the bar.


#4 Feet together

Imagine there is a soccer ball on the floor, and you need to hit it as far as you can. What would be more powerful: A pool noodle or a baseball bat? Having the feet splayed apart and flailing around makes the power that you are generating from your hips less efficient. If you keep your feet together and your legs long, you now have the baseball bat that you can create a lot of force with, helping you hit the ball hard (lift your legs and hips up high)


#5 Kicking the legs down

As soon as your feet touch the bar, swing them back down to the arch position right away! If you control your feet down, you lose your swing. At no point should the movement slow down.


#6 Jump into a hollow

Rather than starting from a stand still as soon as you grab the bar, jump into a hollow position with your feet in front of you. What this will do is pull your body forward, allowing you to go right into an arch and start your first toes to bar right away!


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