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How to stretch your "ankles" *If you find value in this blog post please share it with someone else who might find value as well! It helps us out more than you know!* I put ankles in quotations because you might hear your coach say, "hey loosen up your ankles", or "stretch your ankles", when in reality it's your calf that is tight. What is my calf? Your calf is two muscles, Gastrocnemius, and Soleus. Those guys connect to your Achilles tendon. (*Tendon is strong tissue that connects muscle to bone.) You do not loosen up tendons. When we say...

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The last thing I want is to be uncomfortable on a flight. I'm an anxious person as it is and when I have to sit still for hours at a time I NEED to be as comfortable as possible. I have had times where my quads and hips will start to tighten up and I start to get hot, sweaty, and nauseous.  I'll be in my seat like - This lead me to start stretching before every flight. Typically my upper body is fine so I focus mainly on my lower body. Here are my top 5 stretches before I...

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