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Want to finally get your first muscle up?

Coach Rolo has worked with hundreds of athletes to get their first muscle up. This program is a culmination of everything he has learned. He has taken athletes from having no pull-ups all the way to multiple ring muscle ups.

There are no shortcuts. It takes work and discipline. If you can't stay focused for at least 8 weeks this program is not for you.

Those of you who are willing to PUT IN WORK! You will reap the reward.

Athletes who cannot perform a pull-up:

This program will help you build a solid base and get you closer or even to your first pull-up. This program will not magically get you your first muscle up in 8 weeks.

Please understand that you NEED this base to continue building to eventually get a muscle up

Athlete who are close or have muscle ups:

I have never met anyone who is too strong to perform muscle ups. What I mean is that using this program to get stronger and faster will only benefit you.

This is a base building program so we do not perform transitions. If people enjoy this program I will create a Part 2 that will take you through understanding the muscle up and help with transitions.

I hope you enjoy it! 

- Love Rolo

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