Stretches to do after Murph

Stretches to do after Murph

Not overtraining - Under recovering.

You honored the fallen Heros, no what?

Go head and stretch throughout the day and recover as best as you can.

If not, you'll be spending the majority of the week in pain.


Stretchy time:

Go ahead and stay in each of the stretches for 2 min. minimum,

1. Long lunge stretch

2. Long lunge with elbows on the floor

3. Hamstring stretch

4. Childs pose

5. Childs pose with tricep

6. Saddle with front dealt stretch

7. Saddle

8. Couch stretch

9. OH lat and tricep

10. Behind the back reaches

11. Cross body stretch

Don't push these stretches, try to relax and take them gently.


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