Stability you need!

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Stability you need!

What is up rolosquad!

I recently got a few questions regarding the bottom position for pistols and single leg work in general!

In this video we are going to go over 6 (4 feet 2 lower back) stability exercises that have been game changers for me!

Before we go over those let's look at what stability is!

In the last 8 years I have realized that when an athlete has an issue the common thought is "I NEED TO STRETCH!" OR "I need to roll this out until there is no pain!"

The problem is that a majority of these issues are actually strength/stability related!

What is the difference between mobility and stability?

Mobility -

  • the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.

Stability -

  •  the strength to stand or endure : firmness

Why does this matter?

Let's assume you can squat with no restrictions. Full range of motion is no problem and your mobility is there.

Now let's say you experience pain in the lower back.

More times than not I see this athlete mashing their lower back with a lacrosse ball, stretching like crazy, and getting NO results.

The reason can be a number of things but in this scenario we are going to watch them squat and their lower back is going to lose tension while squatting.

From what you just learned about stability vs. mobility what do you think we need to work on?


The ability to endure a solid position through the movement.

Stability exercises for your feet:

  • Ski on one foot

*Add this into your warm up. 1-2 min each foot!

  • Balance on one foot

*Add this in your warm up or after your workout 3 x 1 min each side. 

  • Directional bend on one foot

*Add this into your warmup or as accessory. Try a tabata on each side.

8 rounds: 20sec on/10 sec off

  • Standing fire hydrants

*Add this into your warm up or accessory. 4 x 10 each leg

Stability exercises for your lower back:

  • Banded quadruped sit backs

*Add this into your warm up. 3 x 10 slow and controlled reps!

  • Banded front rack KB squats w/tempo

*Add this into your accessory.  4 x 5 @3331There are countless exercises you can use to improve your stability! These are the few I enjoy that were given to me by my physical therapist.

I also add these into my athletes program often to ensure we can continue moving heavy loads safely and efficiently!

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