My favorite Split Jerk Warm up

My favorite Split Jerk Warm up

Guaranteed to Work!

If you are looking to get really good at split jerks check this out!

Most people miss jerks because of foot work not lack of strength. While upper body strength is important, if that isn't what is limiting you then start putting more time onto foot work and positions.

I guarantee this will improve you split jerk session. 

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Jerk balances (PVC)

Tall jerks (PVC)

Split jerks (PVC)

Jerk balances (Bar)

Tall Jerks (Bar)

Split jerk (Bar)

Set up your feet:

  • Stand with your feet hip width apart.
  • Chalk in front and behind your feet.
  • Measure 6' from toe for front leg.
  • Measure 12' from heel on back leg
  • *This will feel very wide for most. Trust me, use this as a standard. Once you get this down, it;ll make way more sense!

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