Mobility Routine For Squats | Squat warm up drills

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Mobility Routine For Squats | Squat warm up drills


Mobility Routine For Squats | Squat warm up drills

An amazing mobility routine for squats that will improve your positions, range of motion, and strength in the squat.
Squats are one of the most beneficial exercises you can do in the gym, which is why many fitness programs will use them as a staple exercise. Here is a mobility routine for squats that will provide you with stretches and warm up drills to make sure your body is running on all four cylinders before you get underneath the bar. These mobility exercises can help you whether you are performing back squats, front squats, and most other common variations of the awesome leg exercise. Try each of the exercises and comment which one you find most helpful, as well as any other pre squat warm up exercises you perform before working out.
Here is the list of movements shown in the video:
Dynamic stretch:
Perform 2-4 sets of each for 30-45 seconds
Down dog
Runners lunge to hamstring stretch
Squat hold
Activation / Warm ups drills:
Perform 2-4 Rounds for 10-20 reps each
Arch raises
Dead bug
Glute bridge pulses
Cossack squats
Tempo squat (5 second descent)
When performing these stretches and warm up drills, always move slow and controlled, and feel the muscles activating. If you rush through the movements and do not think about the positions your body is in, it is harder to make the mind to muscle connection when performing the lift, especially with a heavy weight. You can perform all the exercises in this mobility routine or take a few of them to add into a routine of your own!
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