Mindset = Success or Failure

Mindset = Success or Failure

Belief systems are remarkably powerful.

In his book Giant Steps: Small Changes To Make A Big Difference Anthony Robbins talks about how a person with multiple identities can change the freckles on their faces and their eye color based on who they believe they are in the moment.

your mindset and weight loss

If a person can change their eye color just by BELIEVING it’s different, what are your belief systems doing to you and your weight loss goals?

When was the last time you paid attention to your self-talk around your weight loss or physique goals? How often do you say things to yourself like ” I can’t” or “I’m never gonna be able to”…. or the million other self-defeating statements?

Think this is silly to acknowledge? Google “belief systems and behavior” and you will be overwhelmed with the science. Thousands of books and studies discussing and demonstrating how impactful belief systems are to behaviors and behavior outcomes.

Why is meditation so powerful? How come Wim Hof can swim in the arctic sea and not get hypothermia?

your mindset and weight loss

Because of the power of the mind.

People can control their heart rate by their thoughts– a bodily function that’s supposed to be automatic and not connected to conscious thought.

If that’s possible, what do you think all those thoughts you feed yourself about slow metabolism, just gonna be fat, can’t lose the last ten pounds… yadda yada.. are doing to YOUR body? Consciously or subconsciously?

Do you think I’m crazy?

I challenge you to carry around a notebook for one day- hell even do half a day- and write down every piece of self-talk you have. Then review it at the end of the day.

I have a lot of my clients do this. It will reveal some crazy insight. You’re going to see that you may have created a vicious cycle. And that cycle could be what’s holding you back.

Change your beliefs change your life- right?

your mindset and weight loss

We learn this about all of the other areas of life: “I can get that job” “I can do this or that” etc etc. The power of positive thinking.

What about saying ” I can lose the weight” “I have a fast metabolism” “I do have a 6 pack”?

We think we’re lying to ourselves when we’re saying these things. Yet in reality, you’ve been lying to yourself all along. And the lies you tell yourself your body believes. So it DOES have a slow metabolism or whatever you say.


YOU are the master of your domain. You can control what your body does. Stop telling yourself the lies and start telling yourself the truth.

The truth is you’re designed to have a reasonable amount of body fat relative to your food consumption and activity level. If you eat 8000 calories a day and do absolutely nothing then YES you will probably be overweight.

the mindset of weight loss

But if you’re killing it in the gym and have your diet dialed in (eating ENOUGH) and everything else seems to be on point– then what are you telling yourself? “I just can’t seem to lose this last 10 pounds” “this roll around my stomach just won’t budge”.

You are dictating to your body exactly what you want. Whether you like it or not.

Last year I started working with a financial advisor to finally get a firm grasp on my financial situation. The first day I met with him he called me out.

He and I were talking and I said “but I’m horrible with my finances. I just can’t ever do it right”. And he said “right- you can’t. Because you say things like that”. Immediately I defended myself- I said “yes but look at my track record”. He said “right- because you say these things, so you act in a way to support your beliefs”.

Our brains need to be right.

There’s a fantastic book I think everyone should read- What Makes Your Brain Happy And Why You Should Do The Opposite by David Disalvo. He explains in detail what I’m talking about here. You are what you say you are, or you say you are not. And your brain wants to be right.

Now that I understand this I have a much better grasp of my finances and my life overall.

Yes, my negative self-talk still creeps up sometimes. But I try to remind myself- I can look at the bad and use that to support my beliefs- or I can look at the good and use those examples.

Taking my finances,  I’ve had successes in the past– so why would I default to the automatic “I suck” mindset? It’s easier to go this route. It takes more work to be positive, to choose to see the good.

So reading this now- what are you saying to yourself?

Are you saying I’m crazy? Am I out of my mind? Then take my challenge.

Get a notebook and start writing down everything you say to yourself. Or even just start paying attention. Then I challenge you to try and change it.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you are lying when you say “I have a fast metabolism” do it anyways. Because in reality, you’ve actually been lying to yourself this whole time.

You are what you tell yourself, and you’re in control.

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