Let me think for you!

Let me think for you!

Working out = Chore

Working out can become a chore. You have to find the right program, figure out your percentages, modify for yourself, research, and the list goes on.

When I started working out I had no idea what I was doing. I thought I could work out my abs, chest, and biceps everyday and then once they were developed I would work on everything else.

I would watch hours of videos on Youtube, scroll through hundreds of forums, and search for coaches who could just give me the right tools.

I ended up learning the hard way. 

I've had multiple injuries, years of trial and error, and $135,000 of education.

Fast forward until now and I have helped countless athletes reach their potential, and accomplish their goals inside and out of the gym.

I take out all the guess work and tell you exactly what to do.

My current athletes rely on me because they know they can. We talk about what they want and I put in the work to make sure that happens.

Are you motivated, ready to learn, and tired of guessing?

Shoot me an email and lets get started!


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  • Alysia Lay

    I can 100% say that Rodrick goes above and beyond as a coach. If you are looking for programming, support with health and fitness, supplements, apparel, and all around meaningful content, Rolo is your guy!

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