It's OKAY to eat dessert sometimes

It's OKAY to eat dessert sometimes

You're reading this and you might wonder if I actually believe this as a Nutrition Coach. I 100% do- and I tell my clients this ALL THE TIME.

And I want YOU to embrace it. Use it. Live it.

But how can this be? You get to lose weight and change your physiques and I am telling you it's OKAY to eat dessert? 

Yah. It is. You might even be able to get away with eating a sweet treat every day if you wanted, depending on your other food choices and your activity level.

Now, here's the caveat. You can't eat 10 brownies a day combined with McDonalds, ice cream, sodas, and Domino's Pizza. Especially if all you're doing for exercise is 30 minutes of light cardio and your job consists of sitting for 8 hours. 

But let's use a brownie as an example. Brownies at the fundamental level are carbohydrates, protein, and fat. This is what you eat when you're having chicken and potatoes, right?

So why do we say that some foods make us fat while others don't?

Remember that post we did about carbohydrate choices? And the follow up one about fats?

If you're combining a high glycemic index carb with something with a lot of fat in it (like a brownie), you're way more inclined to eat a lot of them, they release energy into your system faster (so think blood sugar spike then crash = hungry again sooner, and more likely HANGRY), they tend to not have a lot of nutritional value to them, AND they pack a lot of calories for the punch.

Like you could eat five brownies, have it be 1000 calories, and be hungry an hour later. Or you could eat 10 ounces of chicken, 2 red potatoes, and a salad for 600- 800 calories, be full for 4 hours, and when you're hungry again its manageable versus the sugar crash of sweets.

So then how would a brownie fit into your life?
AFTER you've eaten a nutritionally balanced meal, but as part of your planned intake for the day (you have carbs and fat left in your macros, it's your post training meal, and you crushed a 60 minute hard workout).

THIS is how balance works. Unless we are cutting for a weight lifting meet or competition OR we are super low carb/working on sugar addiction I am never going to tell you to not eat a brownie. I just want it as part of a BALANCED diet.

So enjoy your day to day life, eat 90% consistently clean and healthy things (GOOD HABITS), and figure out how the fun stuff in life can be part of your day to day eating. After all, we aren't doing diets, we are doing lifestyles!

Okay team, crush this week and keep being amazing human beings!
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