Improve ANY movement by doing this! Guaranteed.

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Improve ANY movement by doing this! Guaranteed.

What is up Rolosquad!

At my first ever competition I started to do some cleans and after a few reps started falling to my knees and failing. I had no idea what was going on. I knew I had the strength to them. I had practiced them 100 times before. Why did I all of a sudden break down?

During my training today I started to become more aware of what I was thinking while working out.

That started a cascade of thoughts. First I was thinking back to one of my athletes who mentioned that I think very differently during exercise than they do. They wished I would share more of my thought process because it has helped them in the past.

*As I get more and more proficient at something I often times forget what it was like to be a beginner and miss out on huge coaching opportunities because I figure my thoughts are not special and that everyone probably approaches it similarly.

This has been proven wrong time and time again.

This video was born from that!

When performing multiple reps of anything OR performing anything under fatigue YOU MUST put more energy into each progressive rep. If you let your body approach each rep the same you’ll eventually fail and/or break down. (This is what was happening to me at my first competition. Along with nerves and trying to move as fast as possible I was not taking a second to think about what I was actually doing.)

Learning what each movements purpose is will also help with this! Rather than just going through the motions you’ll be able to break it down and recognize what its supposed to feel like. You’ll also be able to make adjustments to ensure you can successfully perform multiple reps correctly!


Fun fact: Your faults also become very apparent as you get more fatigued!



Movement - Push press: Someone with a weak upper back will start to round or have trouble getting the bar off the shoulders with a strong shoulder position as they get fatigued. The bar may even slip from the front rack position as they get tired.

This means that as the reps go on they will need to focus harder on keeping a neutral back, a strong front rack position, and bracing their core hard! (We can also add in the some accessory to help build a stronger upper back.

Let me know if you guys have any questions!

Go put this to the test on your next training session and see how it goes!

As always, the only thing between you and your goals is IN WORK!

I love you

- Rolo

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