If you're not doing these on DB snatch you're missing out!

If you're not doing these on DB snatch you're missing out!

DB technique Tips!

I have seen hundreds of athletes do DB snatches and a majority of them treat it like an entirely different movement than a normal snatch.

The beauty of movement is a lot of movements have positive transfer to other movements.

Here is what I mean:

If you understand the intricacies of a proper snatch then you just need to apply those to a DB snatch.

Snatch Checklist:

  • Start with your butt lower than your shoulders.
  • Pull off the floor slow and controlled
  • Drive through the legs, don't use your back,
  • Keep your arms straight
  • Once the bar is passed the knees, extend aggressively.
  • As you fully extend, start actively pulling on the bar!
  • Once you have pulled the bar as high as possible.
  • Start to drop underneath the bar as needed.

This checklist will look identical to a DB snatch. Here are the few differences:

Only applicable to DB snatch

  • Do NOT let your torso rotate as stand up.
  • Start with the DB directly under you!
  • Starting position is wide enough to allow DB through legs.
  • When cycling ensure the DB is below eye level.
  • If cycling a heavy DB bring to shoulder first if struggling to cycle.

I hope these tips help you guys crush your DB snatches from here on out! Once I figured this out my DB snatches went from awkward and slow to smooth and fast!

I did not have to get any fitter I just needed to approach them differently. The change was immediate and overnight!

It's not often you can have immediate change so take advantage!

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