If you're doing this you're limiting your progrees!

If you're doing this you're limiting your progrees!

Hello Rolosquad!

I wanted to let you guys know of a concept that absolutely changed my thought processes for the better and took my progress from a crawl to an all out sprint!

*I know personal experience is one of weakest ways to get a point across and may seem less valid but I will include some pictures/videos to hopefully increase the validity of my statements!

What I was doing all wrong!

When starting Crossfit and for about a year or so all I did was compare myself to the other athletes in the gym. If they were going RX so was I. If they were going unbroken, I tried to as well. I was always so hung up on numbers. I couldn't care less about movement.

The problem was I was pretty weak and trying to keep up with these guys constantly had me injured or taking way too long on workouts, just so I could put RX next to my name.

I can't remember what helped switch my perspective but looking back today, I'm so glad it did.

*Here is a video of me where all I cared about was weight on the bar. As you can see, I move like sh*t. 

Shift in thinking.

To this day I cannot remember what helped to shift my thinking but whatever it was, it was strong. Being a 18 year old dude, with all my hormones, and ego as big as the sun, it was hard to focus on myself.

I do remember a day where I saw these guys who were better than me moving fast and crushing a workout and I thought to myself, how can I get better than them?

I factored out strength since I was by far the weakest so I decided that movement was my only saving grace. My goal from here on out was to focus movement and myself. If I could move well, then everything else will fall into place.


If I could move well, then everything else will fall into place.


Trying to move well.

Moving well is hard. It definitely does not happen overnight. It has taken years and years of practice. I still work on my movement every single day. The best part about focusing on myself was the changes happened fast, and I felt more and more happy with my performance since I based it off my previous performance rather than those around me.

Now judge all you want, this is me focusing on my movement. Like I said, it didnt happen over night. I made a ton of mistakes. Here is me doing what I thought 2 high pulls + Snatch was supposed to look like.

Here is a similar complex I did a few days ago so you can see the progress on my movement and lifting. 

What happens when you focus on you?

When I focused on everyone else I never felt accomplished. I felt like I was not good enough. I couldn't take compliments about my performance. Most of all, I LIMITED MY PROGRESS.

How can you get better when all you focus on is others?

Focus on you!

The point of this blog post is to motivate you guys to focus on you. When you focus on yourself, it's easy to progress quickly. You are your own driver. Focus on whats in front of you. 

What about others?

An argument to focusing on yourself could be about the lack of focus of others who may need your help. With that I say, who would you rather follow? The person who is constantly stacking themselves against others and focusing on others accomplishments or the person who is constantly working to be the best version of themselves and who focuses on constant progress?

Focus on you and your progress is unlimited.

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