“If you’re only offering group classes, you are basically Zumba” | Is it TRUE?

“If you’re only offering group classes, you are basically Zumba” | Is it TRUE?


In this video we discuss the article from Morning Chalk Up and why many CrossFit gyms out there are the same as Zumba

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When I first read the title of this article, I instantly had my guard up. Being a CrossFit coach for about 6 years now, I’ve fallen in love with the CrossFit methodology and the results it brings to people. Whether it be something small like losing 15 pounds or showing someone that though they were limited in their abilities what they are truly capable of.


However, once I read the article, I agree with the statement. Not all CrossFit gyms and the classes run in their 4 walls are the same. The programming, class structure, coaching styles, and many other aspects of a CrossFit box vary drastically from one to the next. Now if some of these gyms are solely offering group classes and nothing else, such as personal training or individualized nutrition plans from a certified professional for example, they are just offering a workout the same as Zumba or a bootcamp down the street.


CrossFit didn’t start out as group training. When the founder Greg Glassman created the training program, he started doing it one-on-one until the demand because so high that he had to perform them as small group classes. Now it seems like most gyms focus on just their group classes, which required them to need a certain number of heads coming into their facility every day in order to keep the lights on and pay the coaches an hourly wage.


One if the biggest reasons I believe that CrossFit was so hated and was made fun of for years and years when it first start to become mainstream was the fact that there were people taking the weekend long certification course and then opening a facility. Knowing a very tiny piece of the vast science about exercise, anatomy, nutrition, and recovery, people would join a CF box only to learn poor movements patterns and risk the chance of injury. Luckily, this methodology was still strong enough to help people see noticeable changes in their physique, performance, and functionality to keep it growing during the early stages. Now it seems like the smaller gyms that don’t know as much about fitness and health are learning more about these things to provide a better service for their members. The ones that aren’t are being forced to close their doors because the box the next town over is doing just that.

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