Hypervolt GO review! (Not affiliated)

hypervolt go review -

Hypervolt GO review! (Not affiliated)

What is up Rolosquad! *I am NOT affiliated with Hypervolt*

I got the Hypervolt GO for Christmas and wanted to share my thoughts!

In the box:

  • Hypervolt go 2 attachments. (Flat piece for large area. Pointy piece for getting in those hard to reach spots.)
  • Charging piece (2 alternate ends for plug). If you live in another country you will still be able to charge your device!

The Hypervolt GO is small, compact, powerful enough, and fits easily in your gym bag. The regular size massage guns are pretty big and kind of a pain in the butt to lug around. 

A few people have expressed that they are upset that it is not as powerful as the big massage guns...however this is to be expected when its almost half the size. With that said its plenty powerful to get warm, loosened up, and recovered after your workouts!

While the $199 price tag is a little steep you will be able to share the love and use this device for years to come!

I keep it in my office and take it with me on long car rides so I can keep that blood moving through the quads.

Check Hypervolt GO out on their website: here

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