How to pistol!

How to pistol!

Are pistols even human?

Pistols are really challenging and really frustrating for most athletes. I have worked with hundreds of athletes and here are the most common situations:

1- Strong enough for pistols but cannot get into the positions.

2- Can get into the positions but not strong enough to stand up.

If you are not strong enough for pistols, you will still receive some amazing tips on how to strengthen your positions in this video. I would also recommend adding in more single leg strength work into your programming.

Example: (Add this in every 2 days as a finisher)

  • Cossack squats 3 x 10 
  • Front foot elevated split squat 3 x 8 (weighted)
  • Box step ups from the side 3 x max  (Slow and controlled on the way down)

*Let us know if you like that little leg finisher!

Go ahead and watch the video below and have your mind blown:




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