How to develop false grip for muscle ups!

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How to develop false grip for muscle ups!


What is up rolosquad!

You probably always hear people say you NEED to have a false grip for your transition to be very easy on muscle ups.

The only problem is NO ONE tells you how the heck to develop false grip!

Well you are in luck. I am going to show you exercises you can do to develop false grip and CRUSH muscle ups of all kinds.

Fun fact: Being able to hold a false grip on the bar will allow you to perform strict bar muscle ups much easier!

Stretches and when to do them!

Simple forearm stretch:

Do this bad boy everyday for 2 min on each side minimum! It's also good to fight off forearm tightness from everyday training as well as develop the flexibility necessary for false grip.

2 min x 7 days a week

Hanging ring wrist stretch:

Crank this one out at least 3 times a week and slowly build your tolerance. Week 1 try :30 seconds for 3 rounds. Week 2 try 1 minute for 3 rounds. DO NOT push this to become painful. Ease into it.

:30-2 min x 7 days a week

Banded wrist stretch:

This banded distraction is a game changer! I feel like it's much easier to get a nice deep stretch with the band!

1-2min x 7 days a week

Mashing and when to mash:

Lacrosse ball mash:

The only time I might skip mashing is if my workout included running only! If you are holding onto anything throughout your workout you will benefit from mashing! Not only will it help keep your wrists feeling good but also your elbows!

2-5 min x 7 days a week

Barbell mash:

Same as above!

Monster mash:

It was a graveyard smash.

Strength and when do to it:

Barbell/DB forearm curls:

Add these to the end of your day as accessory 3 days a week.

3-5 sets x 8-12 reps | 3 days a week

False grip lacrosse ball hold on bar/rings:

This spicy edition should be reverse tabata'd 3 days a week.

Reverse tabata = 8 rounds: 10 seconds on 20 seconds rest

1 tabata | 3 days a week

Standing DB forearm curl + static curl hold:

This combo has made athletes cry. I like doing the curl straight into a hold with light weights.

3 sets x 20 reps + 50ft curl hold walk | 3 days a week.

What else?

Try adding false grip whenever you can in your training. Have ring rows to do? Do them with false grip. Ring pull ups are going down? Cool, false grip. Driving? Awesome, false grip.

 Perform these stretches and strength exercises and you'll be holding false grip in no time!

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