Hire a nutrition coach?

Hire a nutrition coach?

You’re stuck. You’ve been stuck. You’ve done every diet known to man.

You’ve starved yourself. Existed on grapefruits for weeks at a time. And the 20bs came off, but then it came right back on. You probably even gained some after the fact.

Sometimes you managed to keep the weight off for longer than 6 months. But then it creeped up again. And maybe you’ve given up, or are waiting till the new year. Does this sound familiar?

Here’s the thing- my guess is way back in the day eating and nutrition were a whole lot easier.

We had limited foods to choose from, and we ate only when we were hungry and only what we needed. But with the advances in science, the changes in food production, and the billions of dollars companies make on what and how we eat, its become anything BUT easy.

Am I supposed to eat dairy? Or not? Are carbs good? Or bad? How about fats? Today they are good for me, but tomorrow “they” could tell me to avoid fats at all costs. And then what about the companies that make the “bad” foods OH SO GOOD. They’re out to get us addicted- to foods that can literally KILL us.

So how DO we navigate this torrent of info and onslaught of marketing?

That’s where I and the many other nutrition coaches and dietitians come in. We’ve made it our mission to help people understand how all of this nutrition stuff works. I work to help people find diets (referring to total food intake, not the latest weight loss scheme) that allow you to live a normal life.

I want you to be able to eat healthy, feel good, and understand how different foods effect your body. I want you to fuel your life with good, delicious, nutritious things. And I want you to learn the WHY’s behind making food choices so that you can ALWAYS feel good.

Nutrition coaching as a profession is so much more than us telling you to eat vegetables.

Did you know that when you’re tired you’re more likely to crave carbs and sweet foods? As your coach I work with people to establish healthy sleep habits so we don’t have to fight off the chip cravings.

Did you know that if you regularly strength train some studies suggest you can increase your metabolism by up to 10%? That’s a 150 calories increase if your resting metabolism is 1500 calories per day- this is enough to negate age related decline!

These are just examples of what your coach can do for you, along with helping you stay accountable to your goals and help you overcome the obstacles that have had you stuck in the past.

I understand that hiring a private coach can be pricey, but there are many affordable options available if you do your research.

If you’re stuck and it’s time to make permanent change, hiring a nutrition coach could help you get unstuck FOR GOOD.

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