High intensity dumbbell workout at home to burn A TON of CALORIES

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High intensity dumbbell workout at home to burn A TON of CALORIES


Today I’m bringing you guys a high intensity dumbbell workout that you can do at home! This workout has some built in rest into it, allowing you to take a few deep breaths and get mentally ready to hit the next round just as hard! Whether you have heavy or light dumbbells this workout will burn a ton of calories. If you enjoy this HIIT dumbbell workout, be sure to check out my workout playlist for more just like it! Check below for notes, tips, and strategies.

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|Warm up|
   4 Rounds
50 Toe taps
10 Cossack squats
10 Straight leg sit ups
10 Cat cows

|CrossFit Workout For The Day|
   5 Rounds
20 Piston rows
16 Alt. V-ups
12 Squat cleans
*Rest 1:00 before the next round

|CrossFit Workout SCALED|
   5 Rounds
15 Bent over rows (both arms move together instead of opposite)
10 Sit ups
5 Squat cleans
*Rest 1:00 before the next round

Ideal time completed: 15-22 Minutes
Weight: Men - 30-50lbs | Women - 15-40lbs (be able to perform the squat cleans unbroken)
Intensity level: 90%+ of max heart rate (Go all out without sacrificing form)

|Tips & Strategy|
The goal for this workout is to push yourself not just physically, but mentally as well! It’s easy to take things easy and once you start to get tired let off the gas a little bit. The built in rest is designed to help you cool off for a quick sec between each round so you can continue to bring the heat every time!

If you have different dumbbell weights available, I’d recommend picking weights that you can go unbroken with for the piston rows and squat cleans. If it’s so heavy that you have to break them up, it’ll drastically take away from your ability to get your heart rate up.

3-2-1-GO! Start the piston rows while really focusing on squeezing your sides when you bring the dumbbell up, and keeping the elbows close to the body. It’s easy to over use the arms here, and not engage your big lat muscles in your back. V-ups are tough so if you struggle to touch your feet, reach for your shins or knee while still getting your back off the floor. Then for the squat cleans, DO NOT let your back round or chest become level with your hips. Lower the dumbbells by pushing the but back first, and then once the dumbbells get below the knee, bend the knees slightly. You should end up in a mix between a squat and a hinge (bending over) type position like I demonstrate in the video.

Leave any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you right away. Thanks for watching!


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