High Intensity Dumbbell And Jump Rope Workout | Warm Up Included

I’m extra excited to bring you guys today’s dumbbell and jump rope workout because I’ll be doing it alongside you! This workout is a super fun, 16 minute EMOM that only requires a pair of dumbbells and a jump rope. Before we perform the workout together, we’ll hit a quick 6 minute warm up to get the body ready to go, and then break down the movements that are in today’s workout. If you enjoyed me working out with you, let me know down below in the comments and drop a like on the video!

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|Warm up|
   3 Rounds (:30 each)
Dead bugs
Inch worm w/ push up
4-square hops
Single leg glute bridges

|Dumbbell and Jump Rope Workout|
EMOM x 16 Minutes
1- :45 Low kick jump rope
2- 8 Devil’s press
3- :45 High knee jump rope
4- 14 DB snatches

Ideal time to complete dumbbell exercises: 30-45 seconds
Weight: Men - 25-40lbs | Women - 15-35lbs
Intensity level: 90%+ of max heart rate (Push hard so you’ll get a little bit of rest!)


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