HERO WOD MURPH Preparation Workout | CrossFit Workout For The Day

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HERO WOD MURPH Preparation Workout | CrossFit Workout For The Day

HERO WOD MURPH Preparation Workout | CrossFit Workout For The Day

One of the most infamous workouts in CrossFit is the hero workout Murph. Murph is a tribute workout In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28, 2005. This CrossFit workout for the day is meant to help prepare you to do your best when you go to tackle the physically and mentally challenging task. Check down below for tips and suggestions on this workout.

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|Warm up|
   3 Rounds (:30 each movement)
In & out jump squats
Shoulder taps + Push ups
4 Square hops
Bent over row and press

|CrossFit Workout For The Day|
  AMRAP x 25 Minutes
400m Run / :90 Jump rope / :90 jumping jacks
3 Rounds
10 Bent over rows
10 Deficit push ups
10 Goblet squats

Ideal rounds completed: 4-5 full rounds (:90 + 3 rounds = 1 Full round)
Weight recommendations: Men - 25-40lb Dumbbell | Women - 10-30lb Dumbbell
Intensity level: 60-70% of max heart rate

The CrossFit Hero WOD Murph is all about chipping away at the reps and to just keep moving. It doesn’t matter how fast you start if you don't finish fast as well. The :90 of cardio is non-stop and is meant to get you breathing hard, just like the first mile of Murph does. Once you start the dumbbell movements, know that they don’t conflict too much with one another since they each work different muscle groups, so go right from one movement to the next.

The reason you only do 3 rounds and then perform another :90 of cardio is because I want to be used to breathing hard and still moving. Half way through Murph it starts to become less taxing on your lungs and more challenging for your muscles. If we keep that heart rate high the entire 25 minutes AND still train our muscular endurance, You’ll crush it when you hit the Murph Workout.

Really push the movement you aren’t as good at (for most of us it will be the push ups) and cost on the other movements you are better at. Thus putting most of your energy on working those weaknesses.

Comment any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you right away. Thanks for watching!


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