HERO WOD MURPH Preparation Workout #2 | CrossFit Workout For The Day

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HERO WOD MURPH Preparation Workout #2 | CrossFit Workout For The Day

One of the most infamous workouts in CrossFit is the hero workout Murph. Murph is a tribute workout In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28, 2005. This is workout number 2 to help prepare you to do your best when you tackle the physically and mentally challenging task. Check down below for tips and suggestions on this workout. If you want to see more workout to prep you for Hero Wod Murph, let me know!

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|Warm up|
   3 Rounds
5 T-plank rotations
10 Inch worm w/ push ups
15 Glute bridge pulses
:20 Air squat hold

|CrossFit Workout For The Day|
   Every 7:00 x 4 sets
800m Run/Row (or) 1600m Bike (or) 200 High knee jump rope
15 Pull ups/Bent over rows
25 Push ups
35 Air squats

|CrossFit Workout SCALED|
   Every 7:00 x 4 sets
400m Run/Row (or) 800m Bike (or) 150 Jump rope
10 Pull ups/Bent over rows
20 Push ups regular/Knees
30 Air squats

Ideal time completed: 3:30-5 Minutes a round
Weight: Men - 40-60lb Dumbbell (total weight) | Women - 20-40lb Dumbbell (total weight
Intensity level: 70-80% of max heart rate (Breathing hard, but not sporadically)

The CrossFit Hero WOD Murph is all about chipping away at the reps and to just keep moving. It doesn’t matter how fast you start if you don't finish fast as well. THE BIGGEST PIECE OF ADVICE I COULD GIVE IS TO KEEP YOUR BREAKS AND TRANSITIONS MINIMAL! If you really push every time and squeeze to get the reps done, but then wait 30 seconds before starting the next set/movement, you wasted a lot of energy for nothing. Rest as often as needed, just keep it short!

I bumped up the running for this workout compared to the last one to get us ready for the mile runs at the beginning and end of Murph. Use today’s workout to find manageable numbers to hit for the pull ups (or rows), push ups and squats. You won’t go unbroken during Murph, so for example, sets of 3 or 5 on push ups will allow you for a tiny break each between each set. Your score is the slowest round completed, so don’t go out too hard the first round only to get slower and slower with each round. 

Leave any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you right away. Thanks for watching!


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