How I got rid of my back pain | Recurring injury

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How I got rid of my back pain | Recurring injury

How I got rid of my back pain!

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Alright team, I have had such great results from these exercises that I have to share. Three years ago I suffered a strained ligament in my back and it was miserable. I could not do Crossfit, I was constantly in pain, putting socks on was terrible, and I had to sit upright on the toilet. (This lasted 2 years)

I had felt pretty good a year after the injury but when I started pushing I re-injured it, twice. (So I hurt it initially, hurt it again, and then one last time re injured it)

I tried to figure out the root cause of what happened but could not put my finger on it.

I was running out of ideas for fitness so I decided to hire a coach so I could get a new fresh approach to programming. Thank goodness I did!

Back to health

Coach George Briones sent me 3 weeks of movement assessment and had me video EVERYTHING!

*During this time I also worked closely with Dr. Shea at Aligned Life Chiropractic and Theresa Larson, owner of Movement RX.

Coach George and Theresa both came to the conclusion that I probably injured my back because I lacked stability in the lumbar.

Long story short I did a ton of quadruped work and lower back stability exercises. Which I'm going to show you in just a second.

Why I am sharing this is because I see a large number of Crossfitters doing the same things I was doing and I want to help prevent any injuries that could happen.

Something very important I feel like I should mention is that you do not have to be moving horribly for an injury to occur. I have the video of the exact lift I did that initially injured my back and a second video of me injuring my back again!

Even if you do not have back pain I highly recommend adding these exercises into your daily warm-up or even as an accessory piece.

Front Rack Kettle Bell Squats

Add a band around the knees for these and perform:

3 sets of 8 reps

(3 seconds on the way down, 3 seconds at the bottom, 3 seconds as you stand, 0 seconds at the top.)

These are pretty challenging so start light!

Quadruped Crawls

What I have my athletes do is put a small ball or a half flat dodgeball on their back and require them to balance it on their back. That typically helps them keep a stronger position. These should not be fast.

1 set of 50ft crawl

Position is everything so if you cannot do all 50ft thats okay. Take your time.


How I injured my back 

In this video you can see some very slight movement in my lower back. The problem isn't the slight movement in my back here, it was the years of not have a strong stable back that lead to injuring my back.


I went on to finish my workout with a weird feeling in my back. I tried hanging from a bar because my back felt like it needed to crack but it shot a piercing pain through my body and took the wind out of me. I tried pushing through the next few days of fitness but I was in a lot of pain.


As you can see in this video, I overextend initially as I descend into the squat (many athletes do this) and I have some movement throughout the bottom (also very common). The worst part is that I drive up through an overextended position rather than a strong tight ribs down position. Moral of the story, don't be like me. Work on your positions, lower back stability, and focus on movement!


If you guys have any questions about my recovery or want to know more exercises comment down below! 

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