Get really good at weightlifting by doing this 1 thing!

Get really good at weightlifting by doing this 1 thing!

It took me 8 years to get my athletes to crush this!


Imagine if you had a son/daughter that was learning to throw. They had been watching Major League Baseball pitchers warm up and decided that they needed to do that too!

You get outside and they start wailing the ball as fast as they can at you. No accuracy, little technique, and you are forced to chase the ball everywhere.

Answer this before watching the video or reading more below: What would you try teaching the kid first?


This is what it feels like coaching an athlete who watches weightlifters lift and decide they have to do what they are doing.

*I have had athletes look me in my face and say,

“Well this is what (Enter professional athletes name here) does.”


Me: “Well they have been lifting for years and years and you are not them.” “Also, you’ve been doing this twice a week for 4 months..”

YOU HAVE NOT EARNED THE ABILITY TO DO THOSE THINGS! No achievements unlocked. Do not pass go and DO NOT collect $200.


Okay now that you understand my passion around lifting and technique enjoy!

Teaching technique, movement, and progression is easy! The intangibles however are not!

The energy needed to put into each lift changes!

I was playing catch with my dad this weekend and I started thinking about how crazy it is that my brain knows exactly how much energy to put into each throw to get it right to him. Not too high, not too low, right on target.

I then started thinking about how some of my athletes struggle to judge lifts. They will put too much energy or not enough on their lifts. This causes a lot of uncomfortable lifts, sometimes misses completely.

Think of it this way: If I told you to throw a ball further you would throw it the same way (or very close to the same way) and you would put more energy (aggression) behind the ball.

You might also take a deeper breathe, and drop back a little lower on the back leg, but you wouldn’t start throwing it side ways or releasing the ball at a different time.

Main idea: How much energy you put into throwing a ball 10yds vs 100yds is very different. The technique stays very similar.

That being the case when lifting you might, take a deeper breathe, squeeze a little tighter, and maybe drive into the bar the little harder but everything should stay the same.

How much energy you put into lifting 95lbs vs 200lbs is very different. The technique stays very similar.

Summary: Lift with enough aggression to make that lift. Do NOT allow the heavier weights to change much of anything on your technique.

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