Get pull-ups AND chest to bars with this one movement!

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Get pull-ups AND chest to bars with this one movement!

What is up rolosquad!

I have discovered an incredible way to get stronger at pull-ups and develop chest to bars.

I was hesitant at making such a claim UNTIL I actually tried it out.

I want to give a shoutout to my athlete Chuck for being my guinea pig even though he had no idea.

I'm also going to give you some accessory that you NEED to do so you can keep your elbows pain free.

Typically when I increase pulling volume for my athletes I also add in some accessory for their elbows or they start to develop some pain which is not cool.

How I know it works!

When we started Chuck was able to do a strict pull-up with 12 lbs!

After introducing Chuck to this movement we used it for a little 6 week program. Once the 6 weeks were up we followed it with 1 week of 10 x 2 weighted pull-ups. When week 8 came along we decided to full send and go ahead and max out again!

8 weeks later Chuck not only felt incredible and comfortable performing pull-ups but he also crushed a 55lbs pull-up!

A 43 lbs PR in just 8 weeks is HUGE!

I have worked with 100s of athletes on pull-ups and along the way I had never found a movement that worked so well!

Issues with other exercises:

Below I listed extremely common exercises I see many coaches program for athletes when they cannot perform pull-ups:

Banded pull-ups are cool but they have variable resistance and then you end up with an athlete who is super weak at the bottom of the pull and strongish at the top.

Dumbbell rows are great however this is a horizontal pull and it doesn't directly translate. The athletes usually have trouble understanding how it's supposed to transfer into pull ups.

Jumping pull-ups are cool but because new athletes can crank out high volumes but doing them without first getting accustomed to the exercise can lead to injury.

The top secret movement!

I hope I hyped this up enough because the movement is so simple you are going to laugh!


While I can't guarantee you a 43 lbs PR I can guarantee that if you use these and do them correctly you will see improvement FAST! The awesome part is you can use this for chest to bars as well!

Here is a video on HOW TO and below that is the exact program I used with Chuck!



Week 1: 4 x 12

Week 2: 5 x 10

Week 3: 6 x 8

Week 4: 7 x 6

Week 5: 8 x 4

Week 6: 9 x 3

Each week your goal is to use less leg and MORE upper body.

Additional pull-up work:

Week 7: 10 x 2 Moderate weighted Pull-ups

Week 8: 12 x 1 Find new Pull-up max. Start light and work up throughout.

What's next?

After this PR Chuck and I discussed what our next plan of attack was going to be. Should we build volume pulling so he can crush bigger sets of strict pull ups OR continue to develop the top end strength for chest to bars and work our way to strict muscle ups!

We chose to continue working on strength and we are currently using the exact same method and program for chest to bars!

Box chest to bars if you still aren't sure how to perform that version!

Elbow accessory

If you are not familiar with these movements please comment down below and I would be happy to make a video!

Perform 3 rounds each day after crushing your pull ups!

Thank you

Thanks for checking this post out I hope you enjoyed it! Comment any questions below and enjoy crushing some pull-ups!

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