FREE WEEK of dumbbell workouts!

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FREE WEEK of dumbbell workouts!

Limited on equipment?

Hey everyone! My name is Erick Hudson and I run a company called constantly varied fitness.

I started a DB only program for those who do not have access to a gym or have a busy schedule, but still wan't to get their workouts in! Right now you can sign up before September 

Below you will find a video of one of my dumbbells workouts, a FREE WEEK of workouts, and a link where you can sign up for daily programming with me as your coach! If you have any questions, email me at

Sign up here:

Free DB workouts:

Day 1
AMRAP x 15 Minutes
15 DB thrusters
10 V-ups
15 Hand release push ups
10 V-ups
Day 2
Hang DB snatches
Double unders
Day 3
5 Rounds (3:00 On / 1:00 Off)
12 Burpees
15/15 Russian twists
18 Box Step ups
Day 4
EMOM x 10
1- :45 Air squats
2- Max DB sumo deadlift
   Rest 2:00, Then:
EMOM x 10
1- :45 Air squats
2- Max DB Hang power clean
Day 5
4 Rounds
20 DB Floor press
20 DB Bent over rows
20 DB Curl and press
20 DB Upright rows 

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