Find out if you're halting your weightlifting progress with these 4 things!

Find out if you're halting your weightlifting progress with these 4 things!

I love weightlifting!


I have been coaching weightlifting for the past 7 years and I absolutely love it! I have taken many athletes from brand new to the competition floor in the sport.

Here are the 4 things that most people skimp on that can actually make a huge difference!

1. Hook grip

Yes it hurts. Yes your poor little thumbs will get beat up. It will help you hold onto heavier weights without letting your grip limit you.

I have had a number of athletes choose to skimp on hook grip and when the weights get heavy they struggle to hang on.

Hook grip is when you try and grab as much of your thumb as possible when wrapped around the bar. (Shown in video above)

2. Starting position

Do NOT go with what feels right. I urge my athletes to follow my instruction FIRST when starting weightlifting. I remind them constantly that nothing is going to feel comfortable at first.

Once an athlete gets comfortable with the lifts THEN we can adjust to individual needs.

This is my typical progression:

Standard phase. (Do everything as it is written in the book)

Comfort phase. (Practice this for a few months)

Adjust phase. (Adjust things that will the suite the individuals needs)

Then I will transition between Comfort and Adjust phase.

3. Who cares about weight?

Your ego is the only thing that cares about weight. Moving well is SO MUCH cooler than how much weight you lift. It will also carry over better to other areas in your life.

I forgot to mention that those who focus on movement will eventually out-lift those who only focus on weight.

4. Wrists in

This simple cue has helped so many of my athletes with their bar bath. A lot of funky things can happen when your bar bath is messed up.

Wrists in is exactly what it sounds like. Flex your wrists in like a forearm curl as you lift.


These are guaranteed to help with your weightlifting. If you are skipping on any of them you are leaving valuable GAINS on the table. Don't do that!

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