Do NOT get rhabdo during Murph!

Do NOT get rhabdo during Murph!


Murph is a hero workout we do to honor Lt. Michael Murphy who died during the war in Afghanistan during Operation Redwing.

This workout is said to be one of his favorite workouts. He called it "Body Armor".

Hero workouts are long grueling workouts we do in the fitness community to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

While these workouts are supposed to be very challenging it is also important to stay safe and not get injured. Here are my tips on the workout after watching 100s of athletes perform it each year for the past 7 years.

1. Ego aside.

I have known many people who have gotten rhabdo from this workout. If you don't know what that is, google it. It is NOT good. I know we are here to honor the fallen but cutting the reps and workout down because of your current physical condition is not looked down upon. Your health is number 1 and the fact you are even taking on this workout shows you care. Good job honoring the fallen.

2. Play to your strengths (Kind of).

Every year at 3...2...1...Go people sprint out the door on this workout. They are good runners but forget that they have another mile run and 600 reps to complete. Push the stuff you are good at but NOT so much that it negatively effects the rest of your workout.

3. Remember why we do this workout.

This workout is bigger than you. No complaining. Set the work based on your abilities and get after it. That is it.

4. Recover then BBQ.

This usually is the start of peoples Memorial day and what follows is typically a day of drinking and being out in the sun. Make sure you hydrate, eat, and take care of your body before you go out!

5. Stop moving like shit.

If you choose to do the entire workout but your reps are half assed and your positioning is horrible then go back to tip number 1. Just because you have 2 miles of running and 600 reps to complete does NOT make it okay to trash your reps. Focus on moving to the best of your abilities.


I know a lot of us have been in quarantine for quite awhile and have not been keeping up on fitness so please scale and be smart on Murph.


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