Dealing with this quaratine

Dealing with this quaratine

Life and Quarantine

1. Task list before bed!

The hardest thing for me is actually being productive throughout my day. Without anyone telling me what to do, or where to be, it’s easy to fall victim to watching Netflix all day and eating like crap. For those of you working from home, I assume you still have some structure with your day so make a task list for things you’d like to get done before or after work. For those of you who have been let go, or have no mandatory tasks, create and come up with what needs to get done to ensure you make it through this. If that means learning something new, searching for a job, or finally starting that online business, then make a task list on how you can get started. This will help you get out of bed and have purpose.

2. Your fitness is safe. Do not be worried about losing your gains during this time. Instead use it as a challenge to get really good at what you CAN do. There are plenty of exercises you can do to improve your overall fitness that doesn’t involve a barbell. Remember that the best type of fitness is functional fitness! What better way to get that by finding common household items and incorporating them into your workout! Move everyday, stay consistent, and make sure you’re eating enough protein.

3. Keep up on your friends/family If you’re like me you’d probably rather keep to yourself and not mention to anyone that you’re not doing great. Well thats the worst thing you can do. Force yourself to reach out to close friends and family and let them recharge you. If you don’t have anyone like that in your group, feel free to reach out to me!

4. Life There is only one thing constant in life and that is change. Why do we always seemed to be surprised by it? Try your best to work on being okay with what is happening. Remind yourself that it’s happening and will happen forever. Over time you will adapt even faster and be less phased by it. For now, just know that literally the world has changed. You’re not in this alone. We are all here working through it together. Every time you’ve faced adversity you gotten past it. Here is maybe some thing bigger than you’ve faced but guess what? You’ll get through this too.


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