Deadlift vs. Clean/Snatch set up

Deadlift vs. Clean/Snatch set up

What is up Rolosquad!

Today we go over the differences between your starting position for deadlifts and clean/snatches.

Often times I work with athletes who end up meshing the 2 together and start developing issues for both!

The most common thing I see are people having little to no leg drive off the floor of a snatch/clean and then using all lower back to shoot those hips through to the bar.

Besides causing horizontal force on the bar (we want as much vertical force on the bar and as little horizontal force on the bar) we also end up with soft legs and little power.

What should you do?

All my athletes who experience this get accessory programmed to them to work on positions off the floor. I also decrease the amount of weightlifting they see in metcons (Or I give them stuff from the hang positions) so that they don't practice WHACK reps.

I highly recommend prioritizing moving well (always) when lifting and if you don't have time to then DO NOT practice bad reps. Instead program other explosive work that will still help you get stronger.


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