CrossFit Workouts At Home | CrossFit Workout With Dumbbells

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CrossFit Workouts At Home | CrossFit Workout With Dumbbells


CrossFit Workouts At Home | CrossFit Workout With Dumbbells 

Just because you are doing CrossFit workouts at home, doesn’t mean they’re going to be easy! This is one of the spicier workouts we’ve put up on the channel. You guys are loving the of all of our CrossFit workouts with dumbbells, and this one will definitely be the top of your list!

|CrossFit Workout|
   Dumbbell squat snatches
   Jumping lunges
|CrossFit Workout (Scaled)|
   Dumbbell squat cleans
   Regular lunges

I want to start off by mentioning that dumbbell squat snatches are very difficult! They require a lot of mobility and stability in order to execute efficiently. I don’t want you doing them if they are overly challenging and put a lot of strain on your shoulder or back. The dumbbell squat cleans will also be a tough option as well. The goal for today’s CrossFit workout is 12-14 minutes to complete.

This CrossFit dumbbell WOD is a lot of shoulder and quads. Breaking things up early on to take tiny breaks to not over do it and fry your muscles too soon. The first half of the workout is deceiving because the reps go down, but once you start working your way up, you’ll be pretty tired and breathing hard. You really have to focus on the dumbbell snatches because if you let yourself get sloppy, you risk missing reps, as well as putting your body in a compromised position. The most important things are keeping your arm locked out, slowly descending into the squat, and keeping your knees out to allow room for your hips.

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