CrossFit Workout | CrossFit workout with dumbbells

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CrossFit Workout | CrossFit workout with dumbbells


CrossFit Dumbbell Workout | CrossFit Workout At Home


Here is another CrossFit workout for you guys that are working on your fitness from home, and all you need is a pair of dumbbells. We’re posting videos almost every day and you guys are loving them, so keep showing your support by hitting the like button and commenting to let us know if you continue to want daily CrossFit WODs! Today’s workout of the day is a real test of grit and mental toughness with a 20 minute EMOM. Push hard for 4 minutes, and then you’ll get a minute of rest!


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|Workout Of The Day (WOD)|

   EMOM x 20 Minutes

Minute 1- Box step ups

Minute 2- Plank rows

Minute 3- Butterfly sit ups

Minute 4- Front rack reverse lunges

Minute 5- Rest


|Scaled Version|

  EMOM x 20 Minutes

Minute 1- Box step ups

Minute 2- Bent over rows

Minute 3- Butterfly sit ups

Minute 4- Bodyweight reverse lunges

Minute 5- Rest


For a whole minute, you will complete as many reps as possible of a certain exercise. Once the next minute hits, you go right into the next movement. You will go through 4 different exercises over the course of the 4 minutes, and then get 1 minute to rest before starting back up again. Your score is the total amount of reps completed during the 4 total rounds of this CrossFit workout.



-Don’t go 100% at the start. You want to save a little bit of energy at the beginning so you can keep pushing during the 4 minutes.

-Rest about 3-8 seconds before the next minute starts. This will allow you to take a couple deep breath before pushing for the next minute, as well as transition so you can start right when that next minute hits.

-Push the 4th minute! Since the 5th minute is your minute of rest, really try to crank out as many lunges as possible because you’ll get to rest right after.


I recommend NOT using dumbbells for the step ups, so you don’t totally fry your legs for the lunges. If you don’t have anything to step on, you can do jumping lunges or regular air squats. If you have a sturdy coffee table at home, they usually do fine for step ups (speaking from personal experience).


EMOMs are such a simple and great way to get the heart rate up and squeeze in a lot of work in a short period of time! If you want to make the workout longer, you could do 24 or 28 minutes, or cut it down to 16 or 12 minutes if you only want something short and quick. Either way, this is a killer CrossFit EMOM workout!


Let me know if you want more CrossFit dumbbell workouts, or if you would like me to mix in some other things you might enjoy. Leave any questions you might have in the comments. Let me know what your score was in the comments, leave a like, and subscribe!



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