CrossFit WOD With ONLY A Dumbbell | CrossFit WOD Today

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CrossFit WOD With ONLY A Dumbbell | CrossFit WOD Today

CrossFit WOD With ONLY A Dumbbell | CrossFit WOD Today

I’m pumped to show you guys a sweaty CrossFit WOD today with 2 new movements that are fun and intense! You can perform this CrossFit WOD with only a dumbbell. I tried a new format for this video, so let me know what you guys think! I really enjoy creating these at home CrossFit WOD videos for you guys, so I’m always up for feedback! 

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|Warm up|
   3 Rounds (:30 each)
Kang squats
Seated strict press (one side)
Reverse snow angels
Seated strict press (other side)

|CrossFit Workout For The Day|
   6 Rounds (2:30 On / :30 Off)
15 DB power snatch (all on one side)
10 Triangle skater hops
10 Table top bridges
Max: Single arm DB overhead squat

|CrossFit Workout SCALED|
    6 Rounds (2:30 On / :30 Off)
10 DB power snatch (all on one side)
10 Triangle skater hops (resting both feet on the floor each jump)
10 Glute bridges
Max: Single arm DB front squats

Ideal reps completed: 50-120+ reps
Weight: Men - 35-50lbs | Women - 25-40lbs (be able to move fast with the weight)
Intensity level: 80-90% of max heart rate (Breathing hard, get uncomfortable)

|Tips & Strategy|
The point of this workout is to get to the squats as soon as possible since that’s what counts for your reps. Pick a dumbbell where you can perform the dumbbell snatches unbroken, or at the most 2 sets. If the overhead squats are a struggle on your shoulder, switch to the front squats! Overhead squats are very challenging due to their mobility and stability requirement.

At the start of the workout, really focus on keeping your back flat the entire time and dropping your hips to pick up the way on the snatches. That way you’re using your legs and not your back. The skater hops will really test your coordination and stability. You can make the triangle as big or as small as you want based on your ability level. The table top bridges require a lot out of your shoulders so if you need to you can cut it down to glute bridges. Think about squeezing your glutes and fully opening your hips. Lastly, the remaining time try and perform as many squats as possible. Don’t let yourself just bottom out and collapse down into the squat, control yourself down, and then stand up to fully squeeze your legs.

Leave any questions you may have and I’ll get back to you right away. Thanks for watching


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