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CrossFit Dumbbell Workout | CrossFit Interval Workout


CrossFit Dumbbell Workout | CrossFit Workout At Home


You would think because you get built in rest periods that the workout can’t be too bad? Well think again! In this CrossFit workout at home, you are going to be working for 3 minutes, trying to get in as many rounds as you can before resting one minute and then picking up where you left off. So no matter how fast or slow you go during the 3 minutes, everyone will work for 3 minutes and then rest for a minute before starting again. Check out the notes below to help you perform your best during this CrossFit dumbbell workout.


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|Workout Of The Day (WOD)|

   5 Rounds 3:00 On/1:00 Off

9 Dumbbell thrusters

12 Burpees over dumbbells

15 DB Deadlifts


|Scaled Version|

   3 Rounds 3:00 On/2:00 Off

9 Dumbbell thrusters

12 Burpees over dumbbells

15 DB Deadlifts


You should be working hard during the 3 minutes at around 80-90% effort and taking deep breaths during the 1 minute rest. Try to achieve 1-2 full rounds per 3 minutes, depending on the weight of your dumbbells. The burpees are an easy movement that you can’t really mess up too much, but be mindful during the deadlifts and thrusters because if you rush them and get sloppy, they can lead to pains and problems during/after the workout.


3-2-1-GO, you start with 9 DB thrusters which start with the dumbbells on the shoulders before you squat down to a below parallel squat, then explode into a overhead press. Once you have the elbows locked out overhead, un-press the dumbbells to your shoulder before starting the next squat. If you squat too soon, you might crash into at the bottom of the squat. You want to make sure each squat descent is smooth, so you are in a nice position, allowing you to load up your legs muscles creating a big drive upwards.


For the burpees, sometimes people will treat them like a strict push up. All you need to do is collapse to the floor, almost like the worm dance, then press yourself off the floor. When you jump you don’t want it to be a lateral skip. Jump both feet together over the dumbbells and land softly on the other side with both feet touching the floor together. If you get really tired and the jump is getting hard, you can turn it into a lateral skip or step over if that allows you to keep moving.


Lastly, the dumbbell deadlift. This movement starts by setting the shoulders down and back, while keeping your upper back tight throughout the rep. Start by pushing your hips back so you load up the muscles in your glutes, hamstring, and low back. Once your hands get close to your knees, bend the knee slightly so the dumbbells touch the floor with your torso slightly angled up. You don’t want to treat the movement like a strict leg deadlift or a Romanian deadlift, where your chest is pointed directly at the floor because that will put more weight into your low back. Your chest should finish by being slightly above your hips.


Your score for this CrossFit at home workout is the total full rounds you complete with the reps you complete into the next round. For example, let’s say you did 9 full rounds, and then 5 burpees into the round of 10. Your score would be 9+14, along with the weight you use. Post your score below!


Have you guys been enjoying these dumbbell WODs? If you do, I may post a CrossFit workout of the day, every single day! If you want to see more than just CrossFit dumbbell only workouts, let me know in the comments!

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