CrossFit Competition Tips | Pre-During-Post advice and strategy

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CrossFit Competition Tips | Pre-During-Post advice and strategy


Today we chat about what you can do leading up to your CrossFit competition, how to approach and prepare for each event, and what to asses afterwards to get you ready for your next one.


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Signing up for a CrossFit competition can lead to many different emotions, whether it’s your first one, or you’re seasoned and have just signed up for number 10+. I myself have done numerous competitions from one day single person style, to a few days long with a team. I have experienced many things that have helped lead me to success in workouts and made mistakes that made me really struggle in others, so today’s video is to help you perform your best at your next comp! The tips provided in this video are for beginner or advance athletes, men and women, and from young teens to masters athletes.


There are a lot of nuggets of information provided and if you don’t want to forget any of them, I recommend having a pen and paper or a noted app on your phone open to log all the ones you would like to implement into your training and preparation.


  • Dan

    Thanks! Helpful information. Anything to help with heavy box step ups as my weakness?
    Thanks again!


    Thanks for the love Camilla! We are pumped you liked the info! Good luck, where will you be competing? What is your instagram handle so we can follow along?

  • Camilla

    Thanks for this! We have a comp this Saturday. Info is so good. Thankfully we have been doing all the pre things so now it’s just smash it on the day.

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