CrossFit Building Workout With Only One Dumbbell | Dumbbell Only CrossFit WOD

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CrossFit Building Workout With Only One Dumbbell | Dumbbell Only CrossFit WOD


CrossFit Building Workout With Only One Dumbbell | Dumbbell Only CrossFit WOD

Want to get a nice pump and burn a lot of calories? This CrossFit bodybuilding workout is going to target your back, arms, shoulders, chest, and core by perform 6 different exercises, for 30 second increments. The best part is you only need one dumbbell for this workout! If you enjoy this bodybuilding style workout and would like to see more like it, leave a like and drop a comment down below telling me what you liked the most about today’s WOD. Out of all the workouts we’ve been putting up over the past few weeks, the Dumbbell only CrossFit WODs are definitely your guy’s favorite.

|Warm up|
AMRAP x 6 Minutes
10 Jump squats
10 Push ups
10 Sit ups
5 Jefferson curls
|CrossFit Bodybuilding WOD|
4 Rounds (:30 each station)
Bent over rows
Bicep curls
Floor press
Russian twists



Today’s CrossFit WOD is meant to keep you moving for the entire 3 minutes of each round to really fatigue each muscle group. Don’t worry about counting reps today and just focus on keeping your breath as calm as possible and controlling your heart rate from getting too high. Whether you have a heavy or light dumbbell, 30 seconds of work will tire out everyone and leave your muscles feeling pumped! If you are up for it, bump up the round to 5 or 6 to REALLY chase that pump! Let us know what weight you use in the comments and how it went for you!


Movement tips

Bent over rows are simple, but quite easy to mess up as well. Hinge by pushing your hips back and keeping your back flat. First start by locking your shoulders down and back before the start of each rep, and think about pulling the dumbbell to your belly button versus the chest. Everyone knows how to do bicep curls, but to ensure you really hit them hard, make sure your body doesn’t sway forward and back, as well as keeping the elbows close to the body and not let them flare out. Fully lock out your arms overhead and get your biceps close to your ears during the Z-press. Floor presses are like a shortened version of a bench press. Really squeeze your chest at the top of each rep before bringing your elbows down to the floor. Tuck-ups are like V-ups but instead of keeping your legs straight and touching your toes, you want to bring the knees in and hug your shins. Lastly, Russian twists are a fan favorite for a lot of people because they hit your abdominals AND obliques really well. If you have a light dumbbell you can use the weight during the twist, but if your weight is too heavy, perform them without a weight an go fast!


Let me know how the workout went for you and what you want to see in the next video! Drop a like and subscribe if you want more of these videos! I love making these CrossFit workout with dumbbells for you guys!


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