CrossFit Bodyweight Workout | Workout of the day

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CrossFit Bodyweight Workout | Workout of the day


Here is a fresh CrossFit bodyweight workout for you that requires absolutely no equipment! This is a great body weight workout to perform at home for any beginners that are new to CrossFit, or more experienced individuals that just want to move and get in a full body workout. Don’t let the simple appearance of a CrossFit bodyweight WOD fool you though! These 10 rounds are going to get rough towards the middle and will definitely leave you sweaty at the finish! Check out the notes below for tips and what to expect from today’s workout of the day!


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|Workout Of The Day (WOD)|

  10 Rounds

4 Wall walks

8 Prone presses

12 Hollow rocks

16 Lateral lunges


|Scaled Version|

  10 Rounds

12 Plank shoulder taps

8 Prone presses

12 Crunches / Sit ups

16 Lateral / regular lunges


Based on how strict you move during today’s movements, expect to take around 20-26 minutes to complete the workout. Even though the movement aren’t super complex or overly difficult, it is a lot of reps (400 total) and will start to get tough near round 4-6. Start around 80% intensity form the beginning and try to go from one exercise straight to the next.


Wall walks

The wall walk exercise is one of the more challenging movements of the four. Aim to keep your body tight and in a straight line throughout the movement. If you are unable to get your body totally vertical, aim to get your feet as high as you can confidently. It’s important to keep your arms locked out and focus on moving from the shoulder during wall walks!


Prone presses

Simple but awesome exercises! If you have some bottles of water or heavy books you can use those during this movement to add a little extra challenging. Keep your shoulder blades tight together, and every time you go overhead to press be sure to fully lock out your arms to get full range of motion.


Hollow rocks

Another simple exercise in theory, but hard to complete a lot of reps of. Squeeze your low abs hard in order to round your lower back, thus letting you rock forward and back. If 12 is too many you can cut the reps down a little, just do a :15 Hollow position hold, or perform sit ups instead.


Side lunges

Side lunges are a little tricky because they require a good amount of mobility to execute effectively. It’s REALLY important that you keep the heel down on the supporting leg you are leaning towards, while also keeping the knee tracking over your toes. Only go down as low as you feel comfortable.


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