What you can do to stay healthy in your gym!

What you can do to stay healthy in your gym!


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Gym goers/Gym owners

With the recent scare of coronavirus going around its pertinent you are preparing and being proactive inside and outside the gym. We have many people from many walks of life coming in and out of the gym throughout the day. Not only do these people interact with other people all day as well but when they come into the gym they often sneeze, sweat, bleed, and get there bodily fluids on everything.

*Don't forget that on top of coming in contact with many germs you're typically at the gym to workout which takes your body out of homeostasis.*

Gym Goers

Why is homeostasis important? When your body is in homeostasis, it's natural state when every thing is running efficiently, we can regulate, fight off, and do everything we need. When we are pulled out of homeostasis (working out really hard) our body has to work really hard to bring it back to our resting heart rate, normal blood pressure, and clear out all the toxins we just made. This makes our body more susceptible to germs because our weakened immune system at the time.

What you can do is assist your body in coming back down to homeostasis? By cooling down properly!

Cooling down

Depending on the intensity of your workout will depend on how much time is needed to cool down. The shorter and more intense your workout, the longer you should cool down. The longer and moderate your workout, the less time you need to cool down.

*Recommendations - When you complete your workout, DO NOT, lay on the ground. Try to match your heart rate with a run, bike, row, ski, etc... and slowly have your intensity decrease. Take about 10-20 minutes to go from intense, to resting and very chill. I prefer hoping on an assault bike. I will pedal hard for about 30 seconds, and every 30 seconds bring the speed a notch down until Im pedaling with just my legs and almost resting!

Checklist: (Written by Dr. Kevin Kwak MD, Hospitalist in S.D.)

  • If you have travel history to China, Korea, Iran, Italy, or Japan and develop a fever or cough and/or shortness of breathe, go to E.R. or urgent care and get tested
  • Even if you have no travel history DO NOT come to the gym sick. (If you have a fever, any respiratory issues, go get checked for any viral infections including flu)
  • Wash your hands with soap and water when entering and leaving the gym. (20 seconds of scrubbing those hands.) *Alcohol based sanitizer works too!
  • If anyone around you if coughing or sneezing, stay 3-6 feet away.
  • DO NOT touch your face. (eyes, mouth, nose.)
  • DO NOT sneeze or cough into your hands. (If you do, practice good hygiene and go wash up immediately.)
  • Use reputable sources for info. (CDC, WHO)

Gym Owners

It is up to your to ensure you are staying on top of cleanliness. If you do not have your athletes wipe down equipment after each workout, then it is up to you! Coronavirus is said to pass either through respiratory droplets (imagine how much spit gets on equipment while people are open mouth breathing during wods) and when someone touches an infected surface and then their mouth, face, nose.


  • DO NOT coach if you are sick. (Cancel class or get it covered.)
  • Have hand sanitizer available around the gym.
  • Clean with real cleaner that kills germs.
  • Wipe down any surface that people touch. (Especially wall balls #face)
  • When moping, empty water often, and use recommended amount of cleaner
  • Stay on top of athletes for wiping up.
  • Ensure no one is coming to the gym sick.


Crossfit/gyms are typically a community of people who are close. We are all friends who get up close and personal as we sweat, breathe hard, and sometimes bleed! This means if we do not keep up on our hygiene and sanitation we are putting our entire community at risk!

DO NOT be the person who takes out an entire gym because you felt the need to "sweat it out". Definitely keep up on wiping your own equipment. If everyone wipes down their own stuff then your coach does not have to be there for hours, it'll get done in 5 minutes!

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