Best Low Back Stretches | Low Back Stretches For Pain

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Best Low Back Stretches | Low Back Stretches For Pain


In this video I share with you my favorite stretches that have helped alleviate discomfort in my lower back, as well as for the clients I train. These are some of the best low back stretches you can do, as they address all the muscles inside of the hips, which can usually be the main cause of the low back pain.


**I am not a medical professional. Speak to your physician for any chronic or severe issues*


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Many times I see individual doing back stretches for lower back pain, however for many of the individuals I’ve worked with, the lower back is rarely the cause. Tight hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings are some of the main contributors to the back issue if they are not stretched out. That’s why the stretches provided in this video mostly tackle those areas, with only the last two stretches really targeting the back.


When performing these low back and hip stretches, you don’t want to force yourself into them. Also set yourself up so you feel a mild version of the stretch, and as time passes while in the position, slowly fall deeper into the stretch of the body allows.


If you perform these stretches and notice immediate relief, but the stiffness or pain comes back, it may be due to an area near your low back that is weak and needs to be strengthened. Performing glute, hip, core, and low back strengthening exercises should then be your next step to fixing the issue.

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