Software every coach needs | Truecoach

Software every coach needs | Truecoach

What is up rolosquad!

I wanted to tell you guys about truecoach which is software that I use that took my billing from $26,100 in 1 year to $??,??? in just under 1 year!


Interested in using truecoach:

 We both get $100 if you use this link.

*When I made this video in 2021 I was NOT affiliated with them.*

Over a year later - I AM now affiliated with them and still absolutely love them!


Bullet points on how I got to where I am:

  • Dreamed of coaching full time.
  • Graduated college and got a full time coaching gig.
  • Essentially sold memberships and did little personal training.
  • Started doing more personal training. (Realized you could make much bigger differences in peoples life 1 on 1 and you made more money.)
  • Shared all my programming through google sheets, kept sessions on icalendar.
  • Wanted to charge more but wanted a better product to deliver. Both by learning more and packaging nicely.
  • Ran around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to remind people when to pay, keeping track of sessions, etc…
  • Had issues with payments and sessions on multiple occasions, lost programming on google sheets, organization of everything took sooo much work! I finally went with True Coach and here is what changed!
  • No more inconsistent payments.
  • Nicer product.
  • Easy to create and apply programs to multiple people.
  • Organization became easy peasy.
  • Created videos and built more credibility through the app.

What I hope to see with Truecoach:

  • Scheduling.
  • Waivers/documents.
  • The ability to charge on single items/store.
  • Having money go to separate bank accounts and/or employee payments.

All in all Truecoach has been an incredible tool that has helped me become more organized and given me consistency which is huge in the industry if you are looking to be successful. If after hearing my story you recognize you have similar needs as me then True coach is your best bet!

If you don’t have the same needs as me make sure to shop around for the best service that will work for you!

For example: I also coach for a program called Competitive Female Training - Our goal is to reach a wide audience and needed a service that provided just a bit more for groups so we went with different software.

I only mention that because I get emails with people asking which to go with when it really depends on YOUR needs.

Step 1 would be to figure out your needs! Thats half the battle.

Also, if you guys would like to know all the software I use to run ROLOATHLETICS comment below!

Want to know how much higher my billing was once a started using True Coach? If this video gets 100 likes I will make another video outlining my tips and tricks on billing and how I may or may not have doubled it.

As always, the only thing between you and your goals is IN WORK! I love you - Rolo

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