Bar muscle up tips!

Bar muscle up tips!


In this video I am going over some of the common faults I see in bar muscle ups! Especially as people get fatigued they tend to get sloppy with positions which actually makes the bar muscle up way harder!

Try to focus on these while doing muscle ups:

  • Stay tight (No broken hollow rock position).
  • Don't pull early.
  • Stay away from the bar as you pull.
  • As your feet come behind you on the ascent, press up.
  • Get your hips as high as possible.
  • As you get fatigued focus more on form!
  • Do NOT get sloppy.
  • NO chicken wings.

When doing high rep muscle ups I always recommend using some sort of gymnastic grip (code rolo10) so you don't tear your hand up. If you feel your hands going, just stop so you don't ruin the rest of your weeks training.

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