At Home CrossFit Workout For Beginners (Modifications included)

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At Home CrossFit Workout For Beginners (Modifications included)

At Home CrossFit Workout For Beginners (Modifications included)

Today I’m bringing you a great at home CrossFit Workout for beginners, as well as the avid Crossfitter! This is a really fun workout with a little bit of rest sprinkled in, in order to keep your intensity high during each AMRAP. If you are a CrossFit beginner, let me know if this is your first ever CrossFit workout in the comments below. If you enjoyed this at home CrossFit workout check out our other videos up on our channel!

|Warm up|
   3 Rounds
12 Air squats
6 Push ups
12 Cat cows
6 Single leg glute bridges (e/s)
|CrossFit Workout of the day|
   AMRAP x 15 Minutes
Start with a buy-in of 100 air squats
6 Single arm thrusters (e/s)
9 Butterfly sit ups
12 Russian swings (e/s)

Workout breakdown
Today’s workout is 15 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible). At the start of the AMRAP, you must perform a buy-in of 100 air squats before you can start the three movements that count for your rounds and reps for the remainder of the 15 minute time frame. Your score is the total full rounds completes, along with the reps completed on the current round. For example, If you completed 8 full rounds, and finished 7 sit ups of the 9th round, your score would be 8+19 (12 thrusters + 7 sit ups).
Workout Tips
The 100 air squat buy-in is just meant to fatigue your legs and get your heart rate up at the start of the workout. Just because air squats aren’t that difficult, don’t fall into the trap of pushing them too fast and blowing up your heart rate! Once you finish them, go straight to the dumbbell and start your thrusters because the 6 reps each side will be fast and not take a lot of energy to complete. After that go right to the sit ups and focus on throwing your arms to help build as much momentum as possible and to save your core for the later rounds. Lastly, the 12 swings are not super strenuous, so try to control your breathing here and keep your heart rate under control. Use as much hips as possible, not your arms.

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