Actually reach your goals!

Actually reach your goals!

We have all heard of SMART goals.

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable

R - Realistic

T - Time bound

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Cool but...

Setting goals is cool but how the heck do I stick to them? Let's be honest, thats the challenging part.

Let's talk about motivation.

Types of motivation:

Intrinsic motivation: Doing things for yourself because you enjoy it, and/or its personally rewarding.

Ex. I do this because it makes me feel good. I do this because I love it!

Extrinsic motivation: Doing things for a prize or because there is a consequence if you don't.

ex. I want to win the money! I'm doing this because if I don't I'm grounded.

Who cares?

Why are these important to you?

Majority of people DO NOT perform tasks they do NOT want to do if they are not extrinsically motivated.

If no one tells you to do the dishes, and there are no consequences if you don't, you probably won't.

Maybe you give yourself goals to achieve: reading a book, organizing, getting a new job, etc... but you always FAIL.

If you are not intrinsically motivated to do those things you might want to try a different approach.

The new approach

If you cannot get yourself to be intrinsically motivated to do something, its time to start extrinsically motivating yourself!

Let's make a goal: Read 1 book this month.

We won't deep dive into the SMART goal model but let's make something really simple.

Rule: I will read 10 minutes everyday!

We have our goal (read 1 book this month), and a plan on how to do it (read 10 minutes everyday).

If you intrinsically motivated to read, you would just get it done.

If you are not, we will try extrinsically motivating you.

Pick a prize: A new pair of Crossfit shoes. 

Now we have:

  • A goal
  • A plan
  • A prize for completing our goal

The prize is out extrinsic motivator. Pick a prize that you would be devastated to skip out on. This will keep you on track.

Now if you miss a day, or steer off track for your goal, you no longer get the prize.

In our example we will buy ourselves a pair of new Crossfit shoes IF we read 1 book in the month. We also have to read 10 minutes per day to accomplish this goal.

If you miss any of the days, you no longer get to buy the shoes. It's simple but works for a lot of people.

You train yourself to only be rewarded for doing what YOU said you were going to.

Want help?

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